The Witches Cauldron

This is where the magic happens. Witches cauldron’s are the part of fairy tales that really get the action going. That is why the Witches Cauldron belongs in the Fairy Tale Junkie Collection. If leprechauns aren’t hiding their treasures in them, then witches are preparing potions in them with a multitude of crazy ¬†ingredients like […]

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The Evil Queen

What’s so awesome about evil? An Evil Queen to a Fairy Tale, is like a man losing his dog, woman, and house to a country song. Fairy Tale’s would just be flat, happy stories with nothing going on but singing, gardening, and rodents cleaning houses (I secretly do wish mice and pigeons could clean). These […]

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Are you a bead like me?

Why I love beads. I love beads. There is something so magical and fun about them. They are sparkly, mysterious, eye catching, and a blast to work with. Sure, when my vacuum cleaner sucks a few up, or I step on one bare foot, I yell, but only at myself…never at the pretty bead. I […]

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