Are you a bead like me?


I love beads. There is something so magical and fun about them. They are sparkly, mysterious, eye catching, and a blast to work with. Sure, when my vacuum cleaner sucks a few up, or I step on one bare foot, I yell, but only at myself…never at the pretty bead.

I have been drawn to them since I was kid, and used to believe they could give me special powers. I actually still kind of do. I make wishes on blue beads, I sleep next to a clear stone for good dreams, and for some reason when I work with purple beads I talk out loud to them.

Beads are very much like people, coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They all have their own style and when put them in the right wire base, they can make a difference in my world. Like I’ve said, they carry my stress.

So my question today is, if you were a bead what kind would you be? 

This is one of my favorite questions to ask at a party when no one is talking. If you were a cheese what kind would you be? Don’t say cottage even if it’s your favorite. Just a social warning. I would be Havardi with Dill.

If you were an animal what kind would you be? A cheetah. Easy.

IMG_20140706_142712_zpsfgqgto9nIf you could have one super power what would it be? Flying…duh.

So if you were a bead what kind would you be? A flawless Sapphire? I wish!

Well, I made this next pair of earrings based on that. I would be a green glass bead that looks like it came from the ocean. And when the sun hit it, the color would lighten up just a little. Only people who were paying attention would really notice. But it’s not too formal. It goes with jeans as much as it goes with dressed.

The beads change with you.

I used to love pink and purple. Then it was blue. Now my favorite is green. As we change as people, so do our tastes. So remember, you may be a gold bead today and an teal bead tomorrow. It’s a lot like a mood ring.

Don’t fight it! We can be different everyday. So when you wake up in the morning, channel your inner bead and decide which one you want to be. Which color is going to enhance the natural glow of you at that moment. Are you in a bad mood or feeling scandalous? Grab that hoop with black beads surrounding it like vultures. It serves as a warning!

Are you super happy? Well hello bright yellows, blue, and greens!




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