The Evil Queen

What’s so awesome about evil?

An Evil Queen to a Fairy Tale, is like a man losing his dog, woman, and house to a country song.

Fairy Tale’s would just be flat, happy stories with nothing going on but singing, gardening, and rodents cleaning houses (I secretly do wish mice and pigeons could clean).

These awful stepmothers, husband stealers, and cast spelling villains that plot against good, are easy to hate – but yet, can be so incredably fascinating. I am just unable to turn away from them.

Some are absolutely stunning to look at, while others are just hideously ugly. Evil Queens come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. But it’s their maniacal laugh that let’s us know when we have hit the mother load of one pissed of B!

Maleficent is a great example of a gorgeous villain whose laugh will send shivers down your spine.

The Queen of Hearts is always up for a party. But watch out because she will chop off  your head, and not because she hates you – she’s just crazy.

The we have The Evil Queen. Snow White’s stepmother. She was beautiful, and then she turned herself into an old hag. What a bummer for her!

But Evil Queen’s all have one thing in common.


They are always thinking forward and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. They don’t let some little mishap, like getting a pigs heart instead of Snow Whites, ruin their vengeance. Nope, they just come harder with new surprises until they get pushed off a cliff and land in the water below, shaking their fist in anger.

The curves, shapes, and colors of the beads and wire reminds me of one slick little devil. Remember to let these queens ride your ears until you get your way.

They are all about that confidence that we need to channel from time to time. Wearing them will help you put on evil queen attitude at moments when you need to stand up for yourself. No, you will not work on Saturday. Yes Sally, those shoes are hideous, please don’t wear them on your date.

Or even if you bring out your queen for selfish reasons, like choosing sushi for dinner when you know your husband hates it. There’s something on the menu for everyone. Get the soup babe.

Sometimes you just need YOU time and that’s exactly what these earrings are about. You.




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