The Witches Cauldron

This is where the magic happens.file6251273536247

Witches cauldron’s are the part of fairy tales that really get the action going. That is why the Witches Cauldron belongs in the Fairy Tale Junkie Collection.

If leprechauns aren’t hiding their treasures in them, then witches are preparing potions in them with a multitude of crazy ¬†ingredients like mole skin, purple flower petals, and the blood of an albino bat. And those potions can cast spells that will turn a man into a puppy, the young into the old, and poisonous eatables.

Would anyone like to sleep for eternity? That spell came from a witches cauldron.

What charm would you cast?

More money, fame, love, a clean and organized house, a smaller butt?

Well, that’s what these earrings are all about. The spell is inside the caldron and yours to cast. Just hang them from your lobes, close your eyes, and make your wish for the day. These earrings will help guide you towards your goal, as long as you keep your eyes open and look.

You may not wake up in a palace, but you should have a better day than normal!




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