Dear Fellow Earring Lover,

Welcome to The Pierced Perspective! I’m so glad you came by to visit.

I want to start by telling you a little bit about myself, and then what this site is all about.

So to begin, who am I and why do I love earrings?

Well, I got my ears pierced when I was seven, but only after a hissy fit I threw in the mall because my older sister was getting hers done. I got pink studs and never looked back. I rocked those pink studs for years, and collected a few new studs along the way, occasionally switching them out.

In high school, my friends were rebelling with piercings all over their bodies — and I mean all over — I rebelled by getting a hole above the first and tiny hoops were placed, and then taken out 4 months later and the hole went bye-bye.

My twenties were a blur. I never wore earrings. I had more important things to do like bartend through ten years as an undergrad, from which I received a degree in English.

Now I’m in my thirties with a job in marketing. I went from late shifts and craft beer to daylight hours, traveling, and a professional lifestyle I never imagined I would be part of.

At the pub, I always wore these wild-curly pig-tails and maintained a happy disposition. My good friend Laura used to tell me that my crazy tails where were I carried my stress. Now my mane is straightened daily and kept in a tight pony tail, and I am more on edge than ever.

Then one day it hit me. I have no where to carry my stress!

The next day I wore hoops. The first pair of earrings I had worn in years. It had been so long that I feared my holes had grown shut and all that remained were two small scars I got when I was seven. But they slid right in and my shoulders felt lighter. I was in a better mood that day and every time I got stressed out, I let the hoops carry the weight and I moved on.

When I got home that night, I laid the earrings on my bathroom counter to let them rest. They had a long day.

Thus began the obsession.

I look at earrings in a new light. I pick out beads depending on what kind of emotion I’m trying to enhance, or ward off. I research colors and shapes and the meaning behind them. I base the designs off my favorite movies, books, music, or whatever I find most inspiring at the time.

I craft earrings that have a story and can be worn with a purpose.

So enjoy the site because it is here for you! As my skill level improves and more people catch on, I’ll add more awesome collections and ebooks. If you have any suggestions, tips, ideas, or just want to say hello, by all means please leave a comment or email me directly. I’ll always respond.

I hope to hear from you soon!






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